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Botched OTA update leaves Smart lock maker locked out

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Smart lock maker Lockstate finds it’s in a right state. Its most recent attempt to update software over the air (OTA) has resulted in disaster, with over 500 devices now bricked.

The company was attempting to update the firmware on its 6000i series. However, it accidentally sent out software intended for their 7000i higher-end devices. Oops.

As a result the 6000i series was unable to connect to the internet, meaning no device could be remotely locked or unlocked.

The same update kerfuffle borked the devices ability to change the keypad code, and receive status updates. It’s this same problem that lead to the device being unable to be remotely fixed.

Basically, these smart locks were turned dumb by this update.

Don’t forget your key

Affected users will now have to remove their locks, and send them back to Lockstate in order to have them reset.

In a statement provided via The Verge, the firm says: “We immediately contacted each and every customer that was affected and we are working to get all affected locks back online. We have already fixed the problem for many of these customers but for some we need to get their locks back for a reset, and then ship it back out to them.”

It seems roughly 500 locks were affected by the update.

LockState is actually recommended by Airbnb for their hosts, and it seems roughly 200 Airbnb users were affected. We can only hope that visitors had been left a key…