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Apple’s two big gaming gets also coming to Android

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Some might argue that the most exciting announcement coming out of last week’s Apple keynote were that Pokémon Go will have a great companion for the Apple Watch, and Mario is coming to iPhone.

Sure, immediately after we were told Super Mario Run wasn’t an iOS exclusive, and that Android Wear owners would also be getting the Pokémon Go companion app.

Within the code of the most recent Pokémon Go app for Android lie plenty clues that the wearable companion is on deck. Over at the Pokémon Go Hub website, they discovered a reference to “pokemongoplus.”

The site writes “Android app contains a whole new pokemongoplus project referencing Pokémon GO implementation on Android Wear.” They add that the code is both marked as complete, and ready for release.

Similar to the watchOS version, Android Wear’s Pokémon Go will communication with your phone using Bluetooth, and will operate in the background.

According to the report, you’ll also be able to play on an iOS smartphone and pair with an iOS watch.